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We normally perform the following services although these can be tailored to meet your particular needs:

  • Dust all furniture, lamps, pictures, wood work, windowsills, blinds and ceiling fans

  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize bath rooms, filling soap and cup dispensers as needed

  • Vacuum carpets and floors

  • Wash floors (including natural stone, tile, hardwood)

  • Eliminate cobwebs in rooms and closets

  • Change sheets and towels and make beds

  • Remove all trash and recycling

  • Clean all mirrors

  • Pick up clothes and objects if needed

  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize kitchen: Clean counters and outside surfaces of refrigerator, cooktop, ovens, can openers and coffee makers; clean inside microwave oven; clean outside of cabinets; load and/or unload dishwasher; wash dishes as needed

We also provide the following special cleaning services as needed:

  • Laundry (e.g., sheets and towels; kidís clothing)

  • Ironing

  • Clean interiors of ovens and refrigerators and cupboards

  • Clean fireplaces

  • Clean natural and artificial plants

  • Wash bathroom and kitchen rugs

  • Wash blinds

  • Polish silver and brass

We happily customize an individual plan for your particular cleaning needs and budget.

Fell free to contact us and ask for references



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